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How to play craps

Craps Rules – Basic Rules to Keep in Mind

rules to craps

Craps Rules – Basic Rules to Keep in Mind

Players of the game “Craps” are usually fascinated with the rules. And, they eagerly await the time to play them. And this is often the reason that they are not familiar with these simple rules.

The first rule is always the flop. Every single flop is equal, but, there will be a different flop for each player. Therefore, to avoid losing money, the “fall guy” must be in front of the dealer before the flop, and any two players can make a split of the flop amount.

The second rule is “no triple bets”. And, when there are three bets, then the bet amount is divided by two. If the bets are of equal amounts, then the dealer will fold.

The third rule is about bluffing. In any game, there is bluffing. That is, you can tell other players about your cards, or about the shape of the cards. If you do not show them your cards, then you cannot bluff.

Biting is forbidden. When a player does this, he will be counted as a loser, and, he will be banned from playing craps for a long time.

If you bet, then your bet is considered as a split. Also, the split bet is equal to the single bet. Then, the total winnings are divided by two.

Next, there is the rule about the first turn. You have to bet your hand and, if you lose, you have to pay your bet. This rule applies to all players, whether they are beginners or experts.

It is obligatory for you to keep betting after your second hand. It is also good to let the dealer to determine the total, if you are in trouble. Finally, do not bet with more than twenty percent of your bet, as it is considered as a “lay bet”.