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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of time commitment is there for (cast, crew, production staff, support) staff?
Time commitment varies according to a person's role in the show. Over the course of the 3 month production time per show, a support staff member may need to be available for only 20 hours total. However, a lead cast member might have rehearsal time four days a week for two - three hours per day for the 3 month period. The wide range of commitment time means that any person who is interested in being part of the production of the show can find the time to help.

What level of experience do I need as a performer or production staff member to participate?
The level of experience depends on the role in the show. Performers' experiences range from little to no experience to many years of experience. Most MCMT shows have roles available for all skill levels. This is also true for members of the production staff. However, some positions such as directors or production managers require that an applicant work with an experienced MCMT person prior to being the head of a show.

How are shows chosen?
Shows are submitted to the shows committee which meets and discusses the merits of the different shows. Shows may be submitted by audience members, directors, cast members, etc. Several criteria are used to determine the shows for a season: Some of these include – current popularity of the show, cost, availability of people with the attributes needed for the cast, interest by production staff, etc. Shows are then combined into a 3 to 5 events season.

How are production staff (drama, music and tech directors, producers, costumers, set design/construction, props, lights, sound, etc.) chosen for a show?
Directors and producers are chosen due to experience, interest in the show, etc. A director should be able to express his/her vision for the production and to convey that to others. Other positions are based primarily on experience and interest. MCMT is always looking for people who have an interest in a technical area to volunteer to help out!

Who determines who gets cast for a show?
Most MCMT shows are cast through open auditions which means that anyone can audition for an MCMT show. The auditions are announced in the newspaper, at the MCMT website and through other means as seen fit by the production staff. The artistic director, vocal director, and choreographer will cast the show based on the auditions.

How is the orchestra chosen for a show? Auditions?
The Music Director is in charge of finding players for the orchestra. If you are interested, please send your name, contact information, instrument, and experience to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your information will be forwarded on to the music director for the upcoming show.

What's the structure of the organization?
MCMT is run by the MCMT board which consists of 12 members who serve for 2-4 years depending on which position they hold. It is a rotating board so 3-4 new board members are chosen each year. Members of MCMT elect the board members.

How can I propose a show or activity for the company to produce?
Anyone can propose a show for the company to production. Shows should be submitted prior to December for the season that will begin in September of the next year. Contact Us  You can also submit them to any board member who will pass the information on to the Shows committee.

How can I volunteer to participate in the production of a show (direct, produce, costumes, sets, sound, lighting, props, etc.)?
Let any board member or production member know of your interest, or submit your name and contact information on our website.

Do any of the cast, crew or staff get compensated for their participation in shows or the company?
At the present time, MCMT is an all-volunteer organization except for members of the orchestra who receive a small stipend.

Who can be a board member and how can I be a board member?
Board members are nominated by the MCMT nominating committee. Names should be submitted to this committee prior to April 1. All nominees and board members must be a member of MCMT. Nominations are taken from the floor at our annual meeting held in June. Ballots are mailed after the annual meeting and new board members are installed at the July board meeting.