Based on the novel of the same name by E.L. Doctrow, Ahren's and Flaherty's Ragtime is a compelling epic capturing the American experience at the turn of the 20th century.

Tracking three diverse families in pursuit of the American dream in the volatile "melting pot" of turn-of-the-century New York, Ragtime confronts the dialectic contradictions inherent in American reality: experiences of wealth and poverty, freedom and prejudice, hope and despair. Over the course of the show, the worlds of a wealthy white couple, a Jewish immigrant father and his motherless daughter, and an African American ragtime musician intertwine. Together, they discover the surprising interconnections of the human heart, the limitations of justice and the unsettling consequences when dreams are permanently deferred. Featuring many of the historical figures that built and shaped turn-of-the-century America, including J.P. Morgan, Emma Goldman, Harry Houdini, Evelyn Nesbit and Henry Ford, this musical sweeps across the diversity of the American experience to create a stirring epic that captures the beats of the American experience: the marches, the cakewalks and - of course, the ragtime.

Best suited for theatergoers 12+

Why You Should Go

"Broadway musicals often put America's dreams on stage, but usually we can only dream of a musical that brings as much realism and poetry to the picture as Ragtime" - David Patrick Stearns of USA Today

"Wow! The new musical Ragtime is not simply a colossal hit, it is a fantastic machine for a colossal hit, firing on all cylinders like gangbusters." - Clive Barnes of the New York Post

"Dazzling. This rich incarnation is grounded in reality. A wonderful blend of nostalgia, anger, patriotism and hard-won idealism...Grade: A" - Melissa Rose Bernardo from Entertainment Weekly
"Timely, stunning, uplifting and exhilarating...This is musical theater at its most vibrant. Ragtime conveys hope, opportunity and success. A transporting sensory experience." - David Rooney from Variety


Performance Dates
November 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 2016

Director: Robbie Heegel
Presented at: Richland High Auditorium