Titanic the Musical

Titanic begins (Prologue) as Thomas Andrews, the architect of the great ship, pours over the blueprints of his design (In Every Age) . The curtain then rises to reveal the Ocean Dock in Southampton, England, where people are gathering to wonder at and to board the ship on sailing day: first a stoker (How Did They Build Titanic?), then additional crewmen (There She Is), officers and stevedores (Loading Inventory), the owner, the architect and the captain (The Largest Moving Object), the Third and Second Class Passengers (I Must Get On That Ship), and finally the First Class Passengers (The 1st Class Roster). Now fully boarded, the ship pulls out as the company sings a prayerful farewell (Godspeed Titanic).

One by one, the dreams and aspirations of key characters are presented: Barrett, the stoker who wanted to get away from the coal mines (Barrett's Song); Murdoch, the ship's officer contemplating the responsibility of command (To Be a Captain); Kate McGowan and the Third Class passengers who yearn for a better life in America (Lady's Maid); Chief Steward Etches and the millionaires he serves who exult in the wonders of their world (What a Remarkable Age This Is!)... View Full Synopsis

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Review: 'Titanic the Musical' is sure to impress

Wow -- what a show! Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre's current production of Titanic the Musical has to be one of the most high-reaching and fabulous performances this venerable organization has ever given. And that was just the rehearsal.

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Art groups come together for 'Titanic'

Titanic the Musical doesn't feature the famous characters Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt from the movie version.

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